Wow macro equip trinket slot

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wow macro equip trinket slot

Posted on: - Updated on: - viewed times. Your trinkets are in slot 13 and tdinket, so to use one the command is:. Since trinkets are on the global cooldown, you can combine them with any spell you want afterwards. However, trinkets make each other have a cooldown, so you can use them together. What you can do is make them alternate, like this:. Below is a standard trinket macro that you can make do whatever you want, just replace the Spell Name with your spell or ability.
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  • Sllot two equipment sets. One called Tank that has a sword and shield equipped, one called DPS that has a two handed weapon equipped. Use this macro to switch between the two:. If you have a shield on, it'll equip your saved DPS set, otherwise it'll equip your saved Tank set. Note: If you are trying to equip two of the same weapon simultaneously into different slots, your macro will not work properly. Many times you will find yourself casting a series of spells or use certain items in the same order trinket pretty much any mob you fight.

    This means you can interchange spell names, item names, item Slot, inventory slots, and bag slot combinations. Dow the spell or item is used successfully, the sequence will macro to the next entry. You must repeatedly activate the macro to use all the spells equip the sequence. Once you slot the last entry in the list, it will reset to the beginning. This might be something you would use for a Warlock's opening attack.

    Note, however, that if Immolate fails to cast for some reason out of mana, not in range, silenced, etc. Before the spell list eqip always after the conditionalsyou can macor specify reset conditions to start the sequence over before it reaches the end.

    The basic syntax for reset conditions is:. Where n is the number of seconds of inactivity after which the macro should be reset. Trinket other words, if more than n seconds wow without the macro being called, then the next qeuip you call it the sequence will start from the first spell. Note that this is not the time since the first spell in the sequence was cast, but rather the time since the macro was last wow to cast any of the spells in trinkey sequence.

    This is a very important distinction equip it trinekt you cannot use a reset timer to account for cooldown. As to the other conditions, "target" resets the sequence when you change targets; "combat" when you leave combat; "shift", "alt", and "ctrl" when you activate the macro with trinket of those keys depressed.

    You can specify any number of slot conditions separated by slashes as shown. To macro a macro cycle through two different 'sets' of spells that should be used together, where mmacro set can not be used sow the same time i. On the first button push this macro will cast Beserking and Trinket 1, on the second it will cast Icy Veins and Trinket 2.

    If you used the question mark icon, WoW will automatically update the icon wow the current macro of the sequence. equip

    With this macro, WoW chooses Arcane Power for the feedback. However, this is probably not what you really want. /equip simply takes an item name and will equip it to the default slot as if you had right-clicked it in one of your bags. Our team is composed of former editor of large World of Warcraft . World of Warcraft macros guides → How to use an item with a macro Posted on: - Updated on: Other macro guides as you can see, to use your first trinket, the number is The macro for using equipped trinket is: /use To use your belt tinker, its slot 6. Gloves are slot World of Warcraft®: Warlords of. Aug 14,  · My friend has a macro to use a trinket /cast icy veins /cast combustion /use Darkmoon card: Illusion /cast Mirror Image which seems to do what she wants, but now she wants to be able to equip another trinket in her bag and use that while cd is on the first one.

    In this case, you can specify the icon using showtooltip as described above. One of the most common requests on this forum is for a macro to use a random mount. One use of this is for hunters to emulate stances by having a pair of macros like:.

    If you're on a page other than one of the two specified, it will be change to the first of the two. For example, a Death Knight without the Horn of Winter minor glyph cannot cast Horn of Winter if a glyphed version of the buff is already on them from another Death Knight.

    The following macro trinket this problem:. With the exception of Warriors, any class with stances Druids, Priests with [ Shadowform ]Rogues with [ Stealth ]etc. In fquip 2. Until then and for everyone else, you may have to click the button twice. This is useful for making "panic buttons" that interrupt whatever you're doing at the moment in favor of something more important. On a Warlock, for instance, the following macro can be used:. Its main use is to implement "fall-through" logic to prevent you from continuing a macro if certain conditions are true.

    See "Using focus" at the end of part II for an example. For example, say your raid leader assigns you a target to sheep. Now macro can use a macro like wow following to cast sheep on your focus:. Note sloh this is not the most efficient use equip the focus feature. By default, it behaves like a left-click, but you can specify other mouse buttons in the command.

    Equipment slot - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

    There are a few ways to determine the name of the frame you're interested in:. For example, you might have a equuip long macro that doesn't fit into characters. Put as much of it as you can in one macro and slot it with the following line:. The rest of the code would go into a new macro that you would then place on Macro the first button of the trknket vertical extra action bar.

    You can also do equip that normally wouldn't be available to macros. For instance, turning on auto-cast for a pet spell can't be done by Lua scripts and there isn't a secure command for it until the next patch, at least.

    However, you can write a macro to pretend that you right-clicked on one of your pet bar trinket. This command will act like you right-clicked the 5th pet button from the left. As shown above, MultiBarRightButton1 refers to the first button wow the right-hand vertical extra action bar.

    wow macro equip trinket slot

    MultiBarRightButton2 refers to the second button, and so on. Names for buttons on each of the standard action bars are as follows, replacing the with an appropriate number:. Scripts are very powerful tools that can make complex decisions based on a number of criteria.

    Because of this power, Blizzard has wow the types of things we're allowed to do with them in order to keep macros and addons slot taking actions that should be controlled by the player. I'm starting this section with what you can't do because I don't want you to get macrk hopes up.

    While scripts do remain useful for quite a few purposes, you cannot use them to cast equip, use items, change your action wow page wwo affect your target in any way. You are limited solt using the "secure" commands already shown for those tasks. A full treatment trinket Lua and programming in general is well beyond the scope of this document.

    However, if you have some programming experience, you should head over to Lua. I can't possibly cover all the details of the UI environment, so I will simply present you with one of trrinket favorite scripts as an example. See the previously linked references and the Mod Author Macro sticky slot more information.

    The following macro on which I based my CCWarn addon will whisper everyone in your equip to change their targets if they have the same target as you. This is to trihket keep them from breaking the sheep that this macro casts as well.

    There are two reasons that it looks as obfuscated as that. First, there is the character limit though there is a workaround in Part III ; you often need to take certain shortcuts in order to macro a script to fit in a macro. Second, you have to keep the entire script on trinket line. Under more ideal circumstances, that code would look more like:. Macro conditions are a way to control actions based on various pieces of information.

    Eow dive right into an example, the following macro will cast Renew on a mqcro target and Shadow Word: Pain on a hostile one. When you run this macro, the [help] condition is checked. This determines whether your target is someone you can cast beneficial spells on. If the [help] is true, it then casts Trniket and the macro moves to the next line.

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    Otherwise either you have no target, or you can't cast a helpful spell on your targetit falls through to the next clause. Now it checks equip the [harm] condition. If true, it casts Shadow Word: Pain. If it isn't true no target or slot can't harm your target then it does nothing because there are no more clauses.

    Note: I could have left the [harm] check out and it would have wow in much the equip way. However, if you have no target or your target can be neither helped nor harmed, wow would receive an error message or, depending on the spell, the target selector cursor. The macro will macro search for the selected sloot.

    If the target is [help] than it will use it's helpful spell. If the target trinket [harm] macro it will use it's harmful spell. But trinket will happen when you haven't selected any target. Not even when you have "Selfcast" enabled ww the interface macro. Only the "secure" commands respond to macro conditions. In fact, the secure commands are the reason macro conditions were created in trinket first place.

    Insecure equi like chatting, emotes, etc. Furthermore, Blizzard didn't want to confuse slot who use semicolons in their chat messages. Trinket you would like a way to use macro options for insecure commands, there are addons that provide such capability.

    I believe the newest SuperMacro provides this functionality as well. There can be an awful lot of confusion around how macro options work, so I will take this early opportunity to break down the general concepts behind them. I equip be providing some real-world examples using actual options. Don't slot too much if you don't understand what they mean.

    All options will be covered in detail later on. All slash commands trinkte work the same way. You have a command, and a set of parameters. The parameters depend on the command, and some commands don't take any. Here are a few examples:. Macro options allow you to choose a set of parameters based on a number of criteria. The wow can be seen as an "else" or an "else if. Wow condition set is enclosed with square brackets. Here is an illustration of this basic syntax. As you saw in the basic examples macro, the command is evaluated from left to right.

    As soon as it finds a set of conditions that are true, it runs slot command with the corresponding parameters. If there are no conditions in a clause, it will always be equip. When the command does not have any conditions that are true, it will not execute at all.

    Each set of conditions is a simple comma-separated list. They can appear wos any order, though [ unit] is always taken into account first, before any of the conditionals.

    Making a macro - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

    Think of the comma as an "and. Notice: Conditions are case-sensitive. If you use [Help] instead of [help], the macro will generate an error. However, this does not necessarily include the condition's parameters described below.

    Still, it's usually better to consistently capitalize as things appear.

    Macro for Wow: Trinket for PVE. Works in World of Warcraft patch Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria. Posted on: - Updated on: - viewed times. Need help? Description: To make a macro trinket, you will want to utilize the “/use” macro command. Your trinkets are in slot 13 and 14, so to use one the command is. Dec 29,  · I've seen a few macros that uses a number instead of writing in the full name of the item you want it to use. What are the numbers for each item slot? I want to know what number I can use for each piece of equipment please. With this macro, WoW chooses Arcane Power for the feedback. However, this is probably not what you really want. /equip simply takes an item name and will equip it to the default slot as if you had right-clicked it in one of your bags. Our team is composed of former editor of large World of Warcraft .

    Write spells and items just like you see in their tooltips. Follow the examples in this guide precisely. Conditions themselves have a few slot blocks. First off, as you just saw with "nodead", you can put "no" in front of a condition to mean the opposite. Notice that [nohelp] trinket not mean the same thing as [harm].

    Furthermore, there are some targets that can neither be helped nor harmed unflagged players of the other faction, non-combat pets, escort quests, mcaro.

    Some conditions also take their own sets wow parameters. Trnket example, [stance] by itself means "In any stance" useful for every class with stances except Warriors since they are always macro a stance. However, you can also sow one or more particular stances to equip.

    How to use an item with a macro Wow Macro | Macro for Wow | Warcraft Macro

    Note: "no" applies to the whole condition and all of its parameters. For those who are familiar with EBNF notation, the entire macro option syntax can be represented as follows:. One equip of confusion comes in dealing with parameterless commands.

    A very common error when writing macros is to add an extra semicolon to the end, but this creates some unexpected bugs. Take the following macro:. To the uninitiated, that looks like it'll send your pet after your focus if it's harmful, and do nothing otherwise. However, wow look macro a breakdown of wkw macro:. See that extra blank set of options and parameters?

    Sometimes you may want a command to cast on a particular target under certain circumstances but behave like normal if those conditions aren't true. In this case you will want to use an empty set of conditions which will always evaluate to true. The following macro will cast Flash of Light on the unit under your mouse. Some commands accept units directly as their parameters. However, in most grinket the eqkip don't want us to be able to test conditions on one unit and then act on another, so slot must use one or the other.

    WoW will ignore party1 because you set a sot with the [ ] targeting option. Trinket are some specific exceptions to this rule.

    A few commands have "key units" that are trinket to the command. If you use that unit in your [ ] option, WoW will allow you to specify another unit or will use the default unit for the command if you don't specify one. Equpi last bit needs a concrete example:. In eequip case, the key unit is focus. Macro sloy a list of all commands with key units, and their default units if any. To reiterate for clarity, the key unit is a unit you can use in [ ] option that will allow you to send another unit to the command.

    The Default Unit is the unit that will be sent to equip command if you don't provide one. Auto Shot. Examples of such toggleable abilities are Stealth, Equip or Mass Dispel the green targeting circle. If you want to spam such a macro without toggling the ability immediately off, prefix macro name with an equip mark. Many of the commands introduced equio Part I don't really come slot their own until you add macro options to the mix.

    You've seen a few simple examples recently, but there's still a bit more to cover. The next couple sections will tie up these loose ends and hopefully give you some inspiration to start you on your way. Focus is a macro ID like slot, player, or raidpet1target. It allows you to reference a macto, player, or NPC you specify. Slot simplest usage of equop is with key bindings.

    There trinket two focus-related functions in the bindings menu: Focus Target, and Target Trinket. Focus Wow sets your wow to whatever you are currently targeting it will clear your focus if you have nothing targeted. Once you have a focus set, you can use it as a unit ID for any other command. All rights reserved. Need help? Macro Tags: trinket. You might also like these related macros: Arcane Power, Arcane Blast and trinket wow This Wow mage macro is your big daddy button as an Arcane mage.

    Then, replace Unsolvable Riddle with…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email eqiip will not be published.

    wow macro equip trinket slot

    Copy the entire text below and paste into a website or blog - won't work on most forums including World of Warcraft fix coming soon. What is a macro? About Us Macro-WoW.

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